Almost Forgivable


Posted by David Noonan Wed, June 27, 2007 22:53:36

The double was nearly complete. Aluminum tube skeleton, rubber gloves filled with sawdust, a latex moulding of his own face; the works. Same size and weight, and everything spray painted a pale beige pink identical to his skin tone. You would have to get pretty close to notice any difference. That wouldn't be a problem.

Personality had been a concern, but a database of some polite phrases and a few vague comments about the weather was close enough. And now the final touch: a sense of humor comprised of three hundred jokes copied from Reader's Digest and other magazines. Soon he could disappear, and nobody would ever know.

A priest and a rabbi walk into a bar...


Posted by David Noonan Fri, May 25, 2007 13:57:20

The air was sluggish with tired, unvented resentment. Our fights had gradually turned wordless. We had no use for words anymore. There were no understandings to be reached and no petty victories to be won.

Debris from last night lay scattered around us. The party hadn't been the remedy we both secretly had hoped it would be. Instead it had been a morbid display of artifice; like lipstick on a corpse.

I cleared my throat silently, took a breath and held it for a few seconds.
"We have to end this."
She didn't reply, but her tense shoulders relaxed a little.